Phone Manager - Lite 1.0

Source:Manas Gajare

Well this is not the phone manager, but awesomely awesome privacy application! Tricky, right?

The REAL app hides your text messages, call logs. And best thing is in your 'My Apps' list, this app shows the name as 'Phone Manager' only, leaving the app totally untraceable.

On the front you'll see Phone Manager. It's DECOY. With this FAKE app, you can switch on/off bluetooth/wifi/gps and so many things. Basically it's a whole phone manager. So other people having your phone will think that this is a phone managing app, they'll not get the slightest clue that this is privacy app in fact!! Great, right?

*** This is LITE version, and works with 5 contacts only. For unlimited use, purchase our 'Phone Manager Pro' from market.***

Go through the features, it's huge!

1. Hide text messages (sms).
2. Hide call logs
3. Block calls.
4. Disguised. Tap 3 times on the name "Phone manager" to get into real app.
The Phone manager is an upfront app, it's fake, but it works perfectly. Use it for managing your phone from a single screen. But the real purpose of app is PRIVACY.
5. Customized notifications. We strongly recommend to turn off default notifications from messaging app.
6. Password protected.
7. Option to reply messages from the app itself
8. Great simplicity.

For any issues, mail us. We respond quickly!

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OS:Android 2.1 and up